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New Exalted quest information

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11 minutes ago, GhostintheShell said:

Where can I read up on the new Exalted quest updated information for each level and with which NPC to start?  Thanks.

so hard to check patch note? same npc and this

1st Exalted

Exalted, One Who Faces the Limit

Lv. 100+

Main quest

Reach Lv. 101 and collect 40,000 Proof of Disposal

2nd Exalted

Exalted, One Who Overcomes the Limit

Lv. 101+

Main quest

Reach Lv. 102 and collect 40,000 Proof of Resistance

3rd Exalted

Exalted, One Who Shatters the Limit

Lv. 102+

Main quest

Reach Lv. 103 and collect 40,000 Proof of Preparation

4th Exalted

Exalted, Reaching Another Level

Lv. 103+

Main quest

Reach Lv. 105 and collect 80,000 Proof of Reputation

5th Exalted

Exalted, Force Bringer

Lv. 105+

Main quest

Reach Lv. 107 and collect 80,000 Proof of Pride

6th Exalted

Exalted, Master of the New Power

Lv. 107+

Main quest

Reach Lv. 110 and collect 160,000 Proof of Strength

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