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Do you get this annoying running bug?

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Do you guys get this very annoying bug in which you try to use your right-click on the mouse to view different parts of the world and your toon would start running like an idiot... not unless you re-do the right-click on the client again does it function like it should, toon stay in its spot and your right-click on the mouse and view the world around you from various different angles?

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13 minutes ago, Dawe said:

My toon doesn't move when i right-click.

how long have you been playing Lineage2?  The issue isn't right-click but when holding right-click scrolling around trying to view the world in different angles....  by design the toon need to stay in one spot.  this bug only happens the FIRST TIME you just activated a "Windowed" screen.  When you right-click a SECOND TIME, the bug goes away.  I didn't have a need to explain all these details to those who played Lineage2 long enough to encounter this systematic consistent prevalent always happening crap bug!!

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