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Shield defense


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Hey guys i've just changed my tank to a pve build on this new update im killing mobs quite fast for a tank.

So i've noticed that patk bonus arent great on tanks but shield defense is very op...

i wonder if u guys know any items, buff or consumables that increase shield defense beside own tank skills.

So far i could remember:

Guardian block from AP skills and Fortress talisman shield def.

Do u know any other?:x

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4 hours ago, Draecke said:

that's kinda it, only other thing would be to class change to Elven Tank aka Eva Templar if you weren't that already as that one has the best shield defense class passives (or used to have, not sure if this is still correct these days)

I am evas, but im thinking on rerolling to HK, i'll lose some patk from shield but gain a lot of critical and some patk from passives which benefit from br and others bonus ( the patk from shield is static). But im still in doubt o.O

1 hour ago, Quenia said:

You may also read this. There are some interesting infos about shield defense.




Ty for the info.

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On 12/11/2019 at 11:46 PM, TenebrisFilia said:

If you want the maximum dps on tank with two hand stance only with Shillien Templar you can get it. 

Can u provide some info, why? i tested all 4 and the best was HK by far.

Even though it has less patk from shield defense it has a good trigger skill which increase critical dmg by 25% and panther debuff that decrease mob critical defense by 30%. 

The best combo so far.

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