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Game Maths Unfair


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Hey ppl, I know what kind of taste does it brings you up to few points meanwhile days ago I noticed was unfair, and by the way what kind of purpouse you got with that, today will be my last check on the server, they think I'm the type of guy in a hurry, but NCsoft my sincerely, try to comprehend more than quitely not get interestend on whatsoever might be the course of things, out of all your meaning you couldn't simply make lineage 2 a good game?, the entire server is getting into a battle up towards what's supposed to be the game and you are simply just considering yourselves, no problem for those wich are remarketeable, but you could simply bleep less off, instead thinking is making any good action by wrong manners of dealing with game maths...


and everybody knows it's Zerus fault again, I repeat quitely, once you are in you are in, there is no way back...

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syntactically they are pockets of "english" words but obviously written in a different language and low-grade machine translated it with all the words flipped in the wrong order and complete disregard for proper word choice in low-grade machine translator of the original writer's intent.  

I wager that the original writer is a poor writer in their original language as well.

so it's pure garbage, can't understand shit and just a rambling noob who doesn't even have the courtesy to admit the language its written in and machine translated.

In such a case, they should use the simplistic sentence structure in its original language so hopefully during translation at least you get the main point and this fails even at THAT!

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