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Although the bestiary wasn't particularly useful at least it allowed us to see the drops on certain monsters. How come we cannot have access to such information in 2019? having to resort to the EU site for information, which also includes drop rates and spoils! There are free servers that provide that information. What are you afraid? that people will stop hunting afk when they see 0,0009 drop rates? Maybe we all start crying here more? the information is available anyway, just not by you!

Isn't is ridiculous that you, as a company, does not have a dedicated web-page with info for the game? got a forum so we can all cry (as i am doing right now) and a place to promote your store, and that's about it. Can something be done about it or is anything planned for the future??

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 Hi , easy answer is because no more full drops after last game update :) . I personally tested even with server " drop boost 100%"  200% drop rune , 35k+ mobs > 0 zero null full drops , so why u wanna see drop list from mobs ???

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I really do wish the NCSOFT had a place for information on everything in the game. This game is so in depth that its impossible to remember all the little notes while you are playing..

i wish soething would allow you to read stuff ingame.

i dont like having to resort to 3rd party sites to get almost accurate information.

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