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Auto-Hunting Target Changing Speed


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Hello GMs and fellow L2 Players,


I've noticed a significant slow down in the auto-hunting targeting.
This is what I've noticed

POST newest update,

Upon killing a monster, the auto-hunting executes the macro one more time to the dead monster until recognizing that it's dead, resulting in "Invalid target." system message. This results in about 1-2s delay after killing a mob which accumulates in a lot of time lost due to this slow down.

PRE newest update,

Upon killing a monster, the auto-hunting system recognizes that the monster is already dead without executing extra macro command, thus never got "Invalid target" message, the macro selected a new target immediately upon the monster's death. Much more effective than what auto-hunting is now after the update.


Please look into the issue as this gives too big of a benefit to players using 3rd party programs to EXP.




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9 hours ago, Edd said:

Hello GMs and fellow L2 Players...

My assist macro has always been sluggish if I don't have the window "active". I can't for example watch youtube or something like that because then every row in the macro will take 2 seconds or more. This is probably not related but I just wanted to point out that the macro system is not so good.

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Hey, I'm not using an assist macro but instead a 1 line macro of "/useskill Aqua Swirl"  which should result in no delay at all. Also I have my game open, nothing in the background.

It's seems like nothing much but it adds up to about 3b exp less per day.

I would really appreciate if the GMs look into that and see if they can adjust the auto next target more efficiently.

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13 hours ago, Ingwaz said:

Fix this if unintended please.

If mixa is right, well fair enough... if not, its annoying :)

Please note that this is only my opinion, but it's the same on innova's servers. It might be a bug, but to me it seems rather intentional, since before that you were changing targets faster than a bot.Also I've seen this on the Korean servers, so there is a high chance this to be just a tone down of this feature.

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