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Not enough items and gear to purchase

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People are level 78 and above for the most part and there just isnt any gear for sale. The progression in this game isnt just about leveling. Im level 81 StormScreamer with a +5 c grade staff in B grade Avadon armor. All i do is farm magical tablets cause thats literally the only thing to do.

Where do you progress in this game? Theres no quest for A grade gear. There is no crafting A grade gear cause there is no A grade Gems to buy to unseal it. Sure they are available in very limited quantities and astronomical prices. But where is the fun at in progressing with this game? I cant sit here and hope i get lucky and win a draw to get an s grade weapon. Make the game more enjoyable for the masses by allowing us to progress our characters. Farming in places like imperial tomb and giants cave is pretty comical. Some people dont join with the big clans to do big things. Some of us want to progress little by little. Im not going to get the boss jewels like big clans do but i should be able to get good armor and good weapons being a solo player. The reason the original game was difficult was the grind in leveling. It wasnt the gear grind. Now you have made it easy to level and there is litterally no gear to grind for. There is nothing to spend your adena on except for spirit ore and shots. The market part of this game has been made so boring when it used to be a huge part of the game. Being a dwarf meant something. Help us!

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