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Lv.108 mobs Tanor Canyons vs Alligator Island

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Exp is about the same. Tanor has become so popular because it's safer (the left part). AI has the same mob groups everywhere and some mobs within the groups are aggro, and tanor has passive mob groups to the left (much safer for a poor geared people) and agressive mob groups to the right. AI is now better because tanor is overcrowded, if you're able to handle aggro mobs.

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Thanks guys, shall make a trip to both soon to make some tests pros and cons of both area.  After all this is a game and we must maintain our vigilance of being "adventurous" otherwise we have killed the spirit of why we're here.  Like saving and hording money in real life, be sad if you got sick and can't enjoy the money  or you got no time to spend the money.  Don't forget the true purpose of everything we do, otherwise we have become a "slave" to "the system" whatever that may be, in real-life or in virtual-reality.

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