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Dyes and Tattoos


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Can someone please clarify some information on dyes and tattoos for me on the classic servers?

1.  Is there a limit on the amount you can increase or decrease a particular attribute?  For instance, back in the day, each stat could only be increased by 5.

2.  Are there any classes that cannot use specific dyes?  

3.  Are there better dyes than the ones available in the NPC shops?  If so, where can you get them ?  

4.  Can anyone recommend nuker dyes ?  

Thanks in advance!!

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1. Yes, as far as I know the current limit from Dyes is +5, negativ limit is not exists but I guess you cannot go below 0.

2. There are the usual limitations about 1st/2nd/3rd class change only, healer only, warrior only, you can read these on the dyes itself.

3. Yes, there are some dyes which provide higher bonus stat than negative stat like "+2stat -1 stat", I have no idea how can you get those. Also you can check info here.


4. As far as I understand WIT and INT stats are better than MEN most of the time if you want to improve your offensive abilities and do not care about M.def or Mp.regen too much.


Some advice:

- Do not use dyes before lv40, stat increase there isnt mean too much and they will get obsolete soon.

- Use essential dyes after lv40 which support your farm style. Also +WIT dye on elder/bishop can add addtional % when you use Res skill. Keep in mind to do not invest too much, since they will also go obsolete at lv76.

- After Lv76 try out your options how to farm/progress/pvp in the future, and dye accoringly, the price tags on these are higher, so try to avoid reorganization if possible. 

+ info: I forget to mention, but after 76 you can get bonus stats by each level, and you can get some passives. For example: Orc warriors can easily reach 50 con with dyes, while orc shamans can easily reach 45 men for the +200pdef/mdef. Consider the bonuses which are achiveable with dyes + statbonus+ setbonus +clanbracelet+hats+cloack+whatever items you can get from cash. :)

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