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Returning to live and got no quests past 85.


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I'm returning to live and i my 2 chars level 92 and 93 doesn't have the quest to reach 95 and kill 200 mobs on Altar of evil.

I talked with every possible npc on Aden. Herphah only have the level 100 quest for me.

My friend who also returned got the quest, this one. https://i.imgur.com/L9PKMNT.jpg

Anyone know whats going on? Should i reach the support?



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18 hours ago, UIYKTYG said:

From what I know, the first part is at NPC Tarti, in Gludio Town. Check there.

That is correct because I recently had to Noble one of my lower toons.  Starting with Tarti in Gludio will get you started with 200 mob quests, then 500 and finally 1000 mob quests to set you on the path to Lv.100 and get Noble status.  No running around, convenient Scrolls of Escape will be provided. 

Noble status is important to begin your new journey into Exalted Quest Lv.1 to Lv.6 which sets you on the path from Lv.100 to Lv.110.

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