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bug from quest altar evil, blood swamp and others


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1 hour ago, Yidao said:

In the Asian territories players must pay for every minute they spend in a non-peace zone. Therefore the developers have a tendency to make quests last as long as possible. 4 hours means 4000 Won into NCsoft's coffers:


What on earth? And people complain about ncwest? To me they look like saints now.

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At NCWest people do have the option to not pay if they don't want to. Like for example me - I am not competitive at all, never PvP and just hit some monsters over the head when I have nothing else to do. Therefore I have not spent one single dollar on the game since it went free to play in 2011.

In Korea, Japan etc. people must pay either a subscription fee (around 30 US dollars per month) or pay via time points (1 dollar per hour, with the game time counter ticking down by the minute). The latter is what most people do, except in Japan, where the time points were abolished some months ago, forcing players to subscribe, aka pay whether they are logged in or not.

On top of that Asian players are facing weekly pay-to-win events and gambling promotions (don't ask Draecke to get started on NCJapan :D ), which led to a lot of discontent and the recent petition to the President of South Korea:
On the "time line" under the title of the petition you can see that there has not yet been an official briefing/브리핑 at the cabinet table, no legal action like in Belgium (everybody is busy with North Korea at the moment). Nevertheless NCsoft has - under public pressure, with the foreign players signing the petition making them heavily lose face - already changed its ways, switching to so-called "Bogeyman Coins" which you buy for example in a package of 400 for 40 US dollars, and then you can purchase items of your own choice from the Black Marketeer of Mammon. Here is the current sales catalogue, with for example  a Mastery Codex for 10 Bogeyman Coins:
http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=634706 (Google translateable)

So in Korea we have, to a certain degree, a return to the old system, i.e. mainly pay to play - those game time points and long-lasting quests were there from the beginning - with a bit of stuff you can additionally purchase. No more NCWest-style gambling (at least for the moment).


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