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Kamael third class change quest (Legend Continues) gives no quest items


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As the topic states, after I've spoken to Orven he teleports me to Silent Valley, I get no quest items... 
(I've deleted the quest and taken it again, logged in and out etc.)

I'm a Soul Hound to be and my Berserker friend has done the exact same things and he gets items on the same mobs.

Something buggy about this quest or just contact suport?

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16 minutes ago, Leamak said:

If you have low level in your group you will not get the quest items. Try to be within i think 8 levels on toons.

Ok, seems we are all two-three levels from each other.... Could have been it though, thanks!

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4 hours ago, Ingwaz said:

Have u resolved the issue? If so, what was the problem ?

I sent in a petition with some more information and so on... Next time I logged in the items were there. Before, I did not see them in the quest items nor quest log... It works now though and I have completed it :)

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