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Ninja Nerf???


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  • L2 Team
9 hours ago, Srelock said:

Since maintenance, i did no have a single material drop! U guys "rebalanced" our drop rate again ? @Hime @Juji

We have not adjusted any settings for the event or made any changes to the NPC data drop table since the content update. When we receive reports of drop chances changing for non-event items, it is usually related to the 3 levels or higher drop penalty. Please make sure that the mob you are fighting is within 1-2 levels.

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  • L2 Team
6 minutes ago, Methodical said:

Isnt green mobs have no penalty? becouse now we have 9 lvls instead of 5? im getting adena / (mats lower ofc) with 5 lvl diference from mobs

but on 4 lvl apart  work well too more mats, so if the gap is only 2 lvl will there be higher chances than 4??

thank you

Here is an example of how the drop penalty works for an item that has a 100% drop chance.

Level Difference on 100% Drop Item:

  • +0 - 100% Chance
  • +1 - 100% Chance
  • +2 - 100% Chance
  • +3 - 85% Chance
  • +4 - 70% Chance
  • +5 - 55% Chance
  • +6 - 40% Chance
  • +7 - 25% Chance
  • +8 - 10% Chance
  • +9  or higher - 0% Chance
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  • L2 Team
27 minutes ago, Srelock said:

Ty u for the reply. just to clarify im farming the same spot since we got the fafu update im 107 mobs ate 108-109 after restart  i put my char back and had 2 items drop in a 12+ hour period how it seems to be back to normal.

It depends entirely on the chance for that specific item to drop, especially if the item has 1% chance to drop.

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