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Disconnect issues!


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15 hours ago, Xeen said:

Whats the deal... Keep getting all 3 accounts disconnected intermittently.. Then you have a hard time logging in for 5 to 10 min.  Whats going?!?!

Same here but you can just take a look on my post and there u will get enlighted!!!

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i have 2 laptops... sometimes for 2 straight weeks, no disconnects... sometimes one laptop would disconnect once a week but the other doesn't (meaning, it's not the home internet, isp or chronos server), it's probably something in the OS...  It's not just always one laptop, it's kind of random between the 2 laptops...

other than OS, chronos server may just random REJECT packets coming from a specific network MAC address...

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53 minutes ago, Uriel831 said:

i have also freeze issue. I play in 2 windows (main and ISS) and last 5 day and before randomly my main window freeze and dc. ISS window is not affected, i can move and do all. I also have not clue why :)

I have also this problem with freezing. Its some server side issue for sure.

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