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Why is there so big difference in-between hunting grounds?


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Was running around looking at different places to hunt and, saw Giant's Cave was 76-80 "optimal level". 
With WC and SWS buffs I had quite ok p.def with my Doom Heavy. First room was ok with Kranrots and such, but then I came into the giants, thinking "Well they can't be that much harder than the Kranrots because they were similar level"

Wow, I was wrong... 3k per hit and took me down like i was level 50 on a Siege.

These mobs are around level 75-76 and even with a full party, tank, sws, bd and so on... this would be a greaaaat challenge.


In all my time in L2, I've never experiences such imbalance between spots, why is this? It's just going to be heaps of empty spots that no one can use right? Are they hoping for people to think they are useless to spend more cash on gear instead of just doing the game playable?


Now you're locked into certain spots like cata/necro that are slightly more "normal" and maybe TOI if you want a challenge.


Sorry about the rant but I don't get it.

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