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Constant Disconnects


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I haven't had a d/c since I came back to the game 2 months ago.  However, ever since this past maintenance, I can't stay connected for more than a couple hours. Sometimes it even disconnects at log in.  When this happens I then even have trouble getting past the PW screen on the launcher.  If I do get past the launcher, I occasionally can log in, or sometimes I can't select the server (exactly the same as what happened maybe ~9months ago). Nothing changed on my end since maintenance.

Anyone else having issues? 

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I have constant disconnects also  and alot of my clan members .What is going ??Why do we pay for VIP and exp boost?Graphics at TOI are destroyed ,you dont see the walls anymore,forgotten island is been floating with water and mobs are dropped from the sky!! 15 years old game and you dont know how to fix those issues?Olympiad also fails to transfer you into the arena and you lose the matches also.I pay for having all this BUGS?WHERE ARE YOU @Juji ????????????????

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I have 2 accounts running and I'm constantly being disconnected.
Sometimes only 1 account, sometimes both simultaneously disconnect.
Sometimes i disconnect within 15 minutes sometimes in 3 hours.

Reinstalled the game, tried running through a VPN, reset router etc, but nothing fixed it.
The game has almost become unbearable.

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For the first time in a long time I've been experiencing some disconnects over the last 24 hours. I'm only losing one or two accounts at a time and it's spaced out over hours.

After I awoke to three disconnected accounts I started running pings on my main system. I have been pinging near the NA servers (I live physically close to the datacenter), a west coast server (non L2), and an east coast server (non L2). Not one packet has been lost over the last 12 hours but I have had 4 different accounts disconnect in that time frame.

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