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play to get experience with a healer or tank.


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play to get experience with a healer or tank. I'm feoh 109 and aeore 107, with the new update with feoh I get a lot of phenomenal experience but with healer quite the opposite.
Can you solve the problem? Can you remove the penalty from the party experience for healers tanks and iss? because solidarity in this game is minimal since most dps play in duo with their iss.
besides there is hardly any party for instances thanks

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Forget that, no one want make pt whit supports classes, they are obsoletes now. Is for that reason there are many ppls making presure for a main/dual swap or dual separation whit the options of untradable itens, forgottens skills etc. We hope for good news from Dev team about this

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Its sad that all the left in L2 from charcters tree are DD (except sumoners, crafts, spoils, sahas) chars.This is reality now and will be. DDs have no problem playing solo whole time, or when they not find party or CP. Suport classes depended on cooperaton playing are now lost. Solidarity system was deleted. All is based on personal EXP and personal profit. DDs not need to help support classes to XP progress and definitly not sharing adena, drop. They play with own ISS (this will end/change in next update), sometimes they ask for runner to bringing mobs to be more efficient but it is rare.

As i written in some different treat this is situation that cuold be solved with little attention from DEV. But they not listening customers needs. 3 client is max we need (better less), adena/drop/spoil calculation chances must depend on party members count (5+) and party members characters (5+ different characters in party). In next update we got new VIT system where no VIT reduce chances significantly to Zero. More no VIT characters in pt, more and more reduction of chances to drop/spoil/adena.

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