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On 08/05/2018 at 11:13 PM, Alex said:

Hi i want to know wich set is better for a pve healer. Bloody +8 or normal r99 +10?



Buy a normal R99 +10 then change parts by parts to bloody. Would be way better

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Imo buy the +8 PVE set, its probably cheaper than the +10 normal one and you`ll be perfectly fine (actually better) than with the +10 normal set.Also the +8 pve set is a good investment, it can be sold in the future when you got the money for +10 pve (if at all).To be honest, +10 sets are too overrated, you literally get almost nothing compared to +8.

If you PvP though, every bit counts, but that's another story for another topic :)

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