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PvP Protection Rotations


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don't know how many ppl using iss ud instead of healers because iss disappears when you attack. but for most ppl during pvp healer always using his ud first during pvp because of low cd he can probably use it second time if fight takes longer. then tank uses his party ud because in most fights things like br are used in beginning and you need to survive 30seconds without being 1 shot. so the best way for your rotations of UD is to decide long before fight who uses what first so during fight less distractions.

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Golemka is right as usual.

You can be mad and sell your car to gear up, like some one did, but there's someone totally crazy who ends up with 6 greater jewels, dragon weapon, +12 dark armor, ancient cloak +18, radiant circlet +5, all the agathions at least +1 and the usual crap + bla bla bla = 30 cars.

Since this should be an helping forum I suggest to Rav3nous to give a look to the new eva's templar guide on 4game. Begin from there.

That it's just the beginning then, like mesk said, part is that you have to think before the pvp and not during the pvp, part is that you have to speak a lot, like every 2 seconds, part is that the more experienced player gives orders, part is, and this is the most important part, that you have to die a lot, but a lot a lot a lot, to learn.

Whoever says to you he was born pro he's a liar, a professional or pathological liar.


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Usualy with a common setup => 2 DD 2 Healer 2 ISS 1 Tank 


Celestial healer 1, Tank party UD 1, Tank party UD 2, Celestial healer 2, then DD's open their own defense skills and when healer 1 get back celestial (without debuff penality) he will cast it, then healer 2, etc ... When tank will get back his UD he will say it, to not stack with any healer Celestial ... and so on ..

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