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Stalking & Harassment

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29 minutes ago, HEXperiment said:

My account does not work when hitting the options/prompts to submit a ticket. Phew....tis why I am here.

The Support Team does have an email address, but I don't know if it's public knowledge. I often email them directly, since there was a time when the support ticket feature on the website didn't work for me at the time. 

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6 hours ago, HEXperiment said:

Hun, if I knew why I couldn't submit a ticket, I would not be on here reporting that I can't submit a ticket xD

support@lineage2.com , mail there from the affected account's email.

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This problem  become chronic, I dont want to give names but here how this things became:

-toon M(i dont talk about Mrrrs)-free to play player manage to get to 105 and cant exp further due to high lvl equip demanding
-toon M decide to take revenge(i cant exp nor you shoud do) ...so what she do
-stop exp...she cant anyway
-start to pk/drain with wynn/kill players in low area like HB,EV,Crater
-players start QQ and put tikets on support
-she call them crybabies
-nothing hapent even with ticket,  support lie they took measures
-next day we start again the cycle

My question is @EmperorLeto...this is not abuse/exploit of L2 functions?
Dont give me that bull "is a pvp game and thats it get over it" or "play in party and kill her"...17 years ago when game starts we did not know "Bulling" term meaning and we did not punish that. Its 2020 not 2003, ban for real those pirks.

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