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Targeting issue since C1


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In short - target changes to previous target if /attack command is issued soon enough after new target selection.
I have tested by selecting target with mouse click, but I assume it will also work if /attack is used immediately after /targetnext

Perhaps this happens when time frame between target selection and issue of /attack command is less than ping.
Issue is 100% reproducible and involves only /attack command, any skill or summon attack are not affected by this issue, probably because they are being processed in other manner.

To reproduce need some ping (probably over 150) and two targets - first target something (NPC or player), then select new target (NPC or player) with mouse click and issue /attack command immediately after that click.
Target selection circles will become blue on newly selected target and at once jump to first target and stay there, without attack action happening on either of targets.

Furthermore, if you keep sending /attack command, target will keep jumping between last two targets - like { /targetnext, /attack, /attack, /attack, ... }

It could be that issue was never noticed due to testing done on LAN, or maybe it's intended (but rather questionable) behavior to fight bots/scripts.

This is very annoying actually, exists in game forever.

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