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Instancezone command doesnt work? and fixes?

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Happy Thanksgiving this week.  The /instancezone command does not work in classic.  You have a "timed Hunting Zone" icon that you can click on but that's for Tomb of Ancient Pirates.  How about you fix that to include all the other instancezones or fix the command /instancezone so we know who has done Ignis, Baium etc all the instance zones.

Still waiting on the fix that allows Spellsingers, ArchMages and any class that can cancel to actually  "Cancel" buffs cast on RBs by players who are griefing...... Also block shield and block wind walk on epic bosses like Zaken, Baium, Antharas etc...they do not land.  We need to be allowed to DEBUFF the raid bosses to the fullest extent of our character's abilities in order to succeed.  Currently it would require a re roll to RANGE dps just to do these bosses now.

Elemental Zone- no adena is crap for hunting there.  NO Silver COINS for vip 3 and above------  No Evolution stones---- very rare do we get  Rough Jewels....

1st Slot buff book since you changed OLY is only available from SVEN at a cost of 7000 particles... seriously? -- This seems extremely broken.  

Look at buffers and sword singers and blade dancers having their songs/dances and buffs with the ability to "Auto Use" would improve the playability of that class instead of just having them stand to give buffs or dances and not add dmg to the party.

Some of the instances that require you to farm for very rare items to allow you to enter- TOI instance, Goldberg butler key, 4 Sepulchers in Imperial tomb, - Make them dailys that people can form groups and do once a day.... you know how to implent this-  … very little content left.   Ruins of Agony fully farmed b/c of the adena and group mob spawn-  


Please re visit all the known bugs- There are lots of suggestions to improve the game --- i'm not seeing NCSOFT address anything about it.




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