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Auto-attack is disabling after a while


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My auto attack tool is not working properly, it gets disabled after a while... I have noticed this happen specifically when I auto-attack with my archer, other than that if only my melees are attacking this won't happen. So basically if I enable my auto-attack tool with my archer, suddenly and after a while I keep getting these "teleport auras" on my characters and every time that happens it gets disabled. its very annoying... anyone else having this issue? any ideas? solution? 

Thanks !

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The only solution to this, for now, is to have another char out of combat picking the targets. Then, just assist them.

Warcryer is a good choice - just have buffs and delay in auto window.

Doing this can also help you to auto within a set area.. don't need to worry about drifting to some pker's spot or walking over to a raid boss



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