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Optimice perfomance + Auto macro bug


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Dear, along with greeting you I make this post in order to inform you of a serious problem that currently exists with the option "Optimize Perfomance". The problem lies in its operation in conjunction with automacros, whether buff, autoassist etc. The problem is present when the window with this option + macro is "minimized" it does not perform all the actions it should, for example. If 11 buffs are placed on a WC, the macro is activated and the window is minimized, it is very likely that it will grant 7/11 buffs. In the case of the pjts that are left with autoassist, these can take up to 30 seconds to give assist correctly and once the mob dies, it can take another 30 seconds to return to attend. It should be reiterated that this only happens when the window with macro + Optimize perfomance option is minimized.
I remain attentive to your comments, thank you in advance.

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