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Something you can do!!!!


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On 2.12.2019 at 2:13 PM, tsogas321 said:

they need to make something for players like me who can spend real money!!!!!!.


Did you mean cant? or can? ^_^



In my opinion they should at least rise they adena drop rate since you can exping and become lvl 104+ but then you have to spend real money. Yes it is okay, it is how nc wants to make their money which is legit, yet I think ppl should get atleast the chance to farm properly. Atm you get dropped at lvl 100 w/o anything in your hand and you can't even go to the limited time zones where a "decent" amount of adena gets dropped because the monsters are going to kill you easily if you try to solo(in an environment full of bots) them.

The droprate boost will keep the bots in the leveling zones but will make it way easier to get a grip in this game.



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