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hello to everyone, now i playing for Tyrr Dread (105) for 2 years, it is true I spent most of my time autoexp but I can't use more than 3 acc and I can't farm like before, so I have no choice but to create a new character or dualclass because farming is not as effective as before when I could use more acc, now I have to sit in the city and sell/buy and almost can not play, so think between eviscerator or yull, because I have equipment mostly light characters, I would not have so much invest in a new weapon, so I ask your recommendation, whom to choose, I would like to play mostly with iss, healer and dd, above all, effectively farm and eventually find some nice CP, for any advice or advice thank you.

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Evi is a good choice, also Grand Khavatari is good one too for your purpose.

Also why do you find the DN unsuitable for trio farm? You can easily farm 2 groups in dessert  quarry with mid gear. After that when you hit 107, going Tanor Canyon shouldn't be a big of a issue either.

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