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Drop Rate Decreased!?


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@Juji @Hime

We have had this event increasing drop rate on items and increasing exp.

Now the event has been over for two weeks and drops are really abysmal. Before the last boost event, even on macro I could easily farm 4-6 scrolls per hour on Primeval Island. Now even when live and pulling as big trains as I can handle, I end up one hour later without a single scroll. In both situations without any Drop Rune or Prestige Rune. 

The same applies to my daily macro exp. I yield less drops now in the 12 hours I am on macro as I did before the drop event. It's already hard enough to gain adena if you aren't a Demonic Sword exploiter and raid boss farmer, but yielding even less drops as before the boost event makes it even worse. 

Can you eleborate? Can you check the server settings? 


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