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So as everyone knows, the last 2 updates have been literally unplayable. You have to xp to 85 in elemental zones and even then probably cant xp in any of the zones like DV, LOA, Varka, FI, Ketra etc.

Olympiad is unrewarding, pointless.

Siege is still the same useless embarrassment.

Give us back Aden siege, without the cancer NPC's.

Make all epics level 80 at least and pvp zones, Orfen, Core, AQ, Zaken.. Do something about Baium/Antharas not being able to be debuffed also make them pvp zones.?? 

Server transfers/merges.

Then we have A grade drops, Cloths, Evolution Stones. The market is ruined for A grade/cloths due to the low drop rate and no one even being able to xp in the 80+ Areas. So you boost your VIP program and people are forced into elemental areas where things like silver coins/adena/items don't drop. Wheres the logic there? 

I hope for your sake @Juji the next update remedies a majority of these problems or you're going to see a huge drop in the already quickly declining numbers on classic servers. Sad truth is you guys are not working on any of these things, not even commenting on them.

In short.. Do something. Thanks. I'm sure we wont see any post about the current issues plaguing classic from the GM's, even ignoring the back to back to back to back pay2win events.

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15 hours ago, Jeffrey said:

Sir, I do not write much on this forum, as I feel its useless.

But thank you allot for this post. Well written and pointing out the right things. 


I also do not write in this forum.

Game on the Gludio server that is dead!

I have been trying for months to buy Doom Light!

Merge please!

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excellent post ! add the items to upgrade clan skills, evolutions elemental stones 0 drop, etc etc. this "oficial classic" have many bugs and problems and with new updates are worst and worst, i dont care p2w events but things like the rate of spoil to free players and other items that they never fixed in 1 year, made this game and staff the worst of the history.

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