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Red Libra

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I once saw a dog when I was renting airbnb room, the dog will instance know i'm microwaving food and you can hear the little tiny foot steps running toward me and then sit and try to pretend to be cute.  I look at it -- for a split second my heart melt -- oh how cute~~~ but i slap my self so i won't be mind controlled by the dog and try to ignore it and just walk right past it down the hall back to my room.  I can sense extreme dissapointment and hear the distance tiny foot steps charging over and then sit and try to act real cute just when i open my bedroom door turning around...  I resist and deny myself and with the dogs eye staring down my soul in deep guilt, i then closed the door and tell myself I'm doing the right thing.  ROFL.  You can't spoil dogs like that, otherwise they'll be begging food for the rest of their life and watching us idiots succumbing to their powerful charms.

I wonder if dogs can talk, would they say explicits to me?  LOL

That is what's happening to your Red Libra

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