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Hi,new to the L2 Classic server. I have few questions.

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Hi,my nick name is Ximinet and i play on Giran server. I start with an elven mystic, my first class change is to oracle.

ATM I am killing undeads on ruins of agony but...with the starting weapon, so I need 4 hits with the disrupt undead skill in order to kill one skeleton, also plenty of bots around,so is hard to kill anything.

To the topic. I learned two skills with spell books, concentration and resurrection. It cost me around 15k both. Now I only have left 9k.

The questions are few. First how to get adena quick and much?

Later, how to join a clan via clan entry? I see public clans but not any of them I can join,cus every time I push the join button, it rejects.

More also i plan to play an Elven Elder main. They are good for buffing/healing? People seeks for them in partyes (Elven Elders)?

Finally,there are not more quests since lvl 22? Also how to get d grade stuff, for example magic weapon? The quest gives me free d grade robes but not weapon, so?

Hope you can help me. Thanks.

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Btw i will play a bladedancer,for 4 reasons: have drain skill,have heavy armor,have buffs and is a semi tank with ultimate defense. If you can tell me what you will do once i contact you in game wonna be wonderful.

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That is a lot... :)

If you focus for the early-game and just want to have fun (pre lv50), your reasons are probably ok, you can play any class and kill some monsters, the power is more gear than class/skill dependent.

For mid game and lategame pve, you will need 3 things to be somewhat efficient:





So you need to find friends with classes which supports yours (rare), or create your own boxes and run multiple game clients at once in window mode.

Since you already created 3 character you can try to level each of them to the same level, and then login all at once and create a party with them.


Setup1, melee:

Wizard will be the summoner (warlock) and use it's summon as a main DD.

BD will assist-attack DD and use dances to buff

Elder will use buffs + heal.

In the longterm you will need a 'vampiric rage' + 'haste' buff so I advise to create a warcryer too if you choose this.


Setup2, mage

Wizard will be an archmage/necromancer, and use firemagic to deal damage

BD will be a tank with agro and use dances to support mage damage/casting speed.

Elder will use buffs + heal + recharge for mana

You will need an empower + acumen buffs at least, but for acumen you can buy potion from grocery, and you will need more mana so I advise to create a shielen elder too for empo + mana.


Good luck.

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