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Past 7 days, no disconnects

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5 hours ago, GhostintheShell said:

NCSoft much have done something, I have not had disconnects in the past 7-10 days.  But 4 weeks prior to that, I get consistent random disconnects.  I believe d/c situation is improving

Could be. Ihavent DC in 2 days

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Just to be clear how big of a deal when I say I haven't disconnect in 7-10 days, I'm talking about 15 accounts, all 15 accounts - consistently logged in for the entire duration of the 7 days, since server maintenance, you had no choice but I dont' count those when I say 10 days... meaning, entire last server maintenance cycle plus 3 days, now 4 days 11 days total no disconnects.

In contrast, from October 15th (could be earlier) to November 20th - random disconnects... sometimes Giran shop would get dropped more consistently than the actual mob fighting toons in the field. Sometimes healer or ISS in a CP group would D/C and whole party wiped out... just random d/c.

I did adjust RAM settings for the PCs that I'm running - meaning I increase RAM capacity by 33-40%.  I don't have proof but allow Lineage2 client to run in a more resource rich environment - meaning both CPU cycles and/or RAM - I believe helps.  And it could be a myriad of other things.  I am speaking only for myself - that's what was changed for me across multiple PCs since 10 days ago.

Reason I increase RAM is I want to minimize Windows from thrashing the drive - even though everything I have now are SSD but there is still a possibility of lag and/or delay that can increase your chance of being D/Ced.  I turn off allowing Windows to take over Virtual Memory and limit them to 800mb, I could care less if windows crash and I need to read the virtual memory log.

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