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nice siege guys 12/08/2019

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gratz lotus to taking giran finally

it was lotus vs all

getting close one time but too many clan in other side 

maybe hard to communicate in ts I guess

I can feel the pain whoever leading other side ...

anyway at the end eddie almost one shot all ppl...and sitting dead body of vallum at the end was epic

gratz lotus again 

and it was good siege 

what happened to legacy?they were strong few weeks ago with a lot of ppl….

they totally dissapeard...I see maybe one or two party?

dalmon need to be back.....

and maybe otherside need to get merge.....

well.....stop grinding and pvp more often?

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AxelFOley    8

Lotus won because we screw up first of 15 minutes of siege.
To be onest it wasnt Lotus vs all, but Lotus wallets against players who want to win against all odds.

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