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Elven Knight advice.


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Hello all.

I am new in L2 Classic,one friend gives me free stuff and i sold it on grocer for adena,so now i have full D grade equipment.

I am an elven knight,my intention is to change it to swordsinger. But i have a question about that class.

Is this class useful only for buff mages/archers? Or can be for other classes?


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On 9/12/2019 at 12:13 PM, Karesz said:

SWS has good defensive buffs, in the mid/lategame it is essential for pve and pvp also in warrior archer or mage party too.

You recommend me to change to swordsinger for have partyes,or to temple knight for solo (and also leading partyes)?

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To tell the truth both will be hard if you wish to solo, the DPS is just isnt enough, unless you have some OP gear and money.

If I were in your place I would choose SWS....  Then I would create a warcryer + BD + summoner, and PVE with the 4 together.

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Yeah...damage on a SWS is crazy compared to damage on a TK.  A live SWS is a real luxury, too.

TK is unquestionably the best PVE tank in the game, however, unless you're doing extremely specific content where Paladin would be better for holy/unholy.  Literally the lowest damage output in the entire game, however...by a lot.

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