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How to get adena on the Naia server

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For those interested.

There are hunting areas with a very high drop level, more than normal. It is possible that all those adenas that are sold in exchange for dollars leave those areas. The one I find most productive is Garden of Genesis. I have reached 300 million in one day and I guess you can get more than 500 million with a pt of Fortune Seeker, Iss and 2 Wynn that works 24 hours. (using macros)

But, everything good costs. And this areas are protected by pks. Whose are these pks ?. Surely of some players who control all of Garden of Genesis. You will differentiate them because all the pt have the same composition, with Wynn Spectral Master and without a clan. When you enter your area, up to 4 pks may appear. The fun is guaranteed. They can kill you from positions that I have not been able to reach. On the jumping platforms, at the bases of the upper gardens ...

Luck and good drop

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