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[RESOLVED] Known Issue: Blizzard Chill Box Armor/Weapon Supply Box (A-Grade)

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Hime    979

Hello all,

As you have reported, the equipment from the Armor Supply Box (A-grade) and Weapon Supply Box (A-grade) are currently untradeable. The equipment SHOULD BE tradeable and we have notified the Dev team of this issue. We'll be working with them on a solution to exchange it.

This issue only affects the A-Grade Supply Boxes, not the S-Grade Supply Boxes. S-Grade Supply Boxes are UNAFFECTED.

In the meantime, if you acquire a Armor Supply Box (A-grade) or Weapon Supply Box (A-grade) from the Blizzard Chill Box, please do not open them to conserve your inventory space. If you have already opened a few, do not enchant the items you've received.

We will post an update as soon as we have a solution for the exchange.

Thank you!



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