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Old School Player LFC


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Been on hiatus for 3+ years but did play many thousands of hours starting back at C3. Have played all the classes at some point, this time around I am rolling a Necro + BD + PP. I will need to solo a fair bit due to my lifestyle at home. I work from home and have 3 kids with another one on the way, one of the current ones just coming up on one year. So my online time is not too stable and time I can dedicate to party is not that much. 


I am online Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm but alot on and off during that time and only 1-2 hours I can dedicate to party usually. I play on NA and my TZ is GMT -5. What I am looking for:


- Laid back, relaxed, but organized with some structure

- Mainly English speaking

- Somewhat competitive on the server


What the clan gains:

- Experienced old-school player

- Reliable. I will not got MIA or reroll constantly. I am steady and long-term

- Helpful. I help out clan as much as I can, this is important to me

- Not a mooch. I will not join and ask to be power leveled or for gear / money. I am happy to put in the time and gear myself, though that is pretty slow :D


Edit: I just started today so level 20ish




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