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Mobs on rocks or higher ground

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Drakkus    19

So I noticed that in some areas I macroed, some mobs get on a rock or higher ground at some point and do not move down at all, the macro end up doing nothing no exp gain because not hitting anything. If the mobs would move down it would help or make it that the next target macro can target them at least so we don't waste our time on those spots.

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Anything    21


I went around and saw several people their characters who are not able to target even 1 single mob due to a hill or rock on which mobs spawned.
Specially bad now we have login Que and these characters are in game taking away resources without even any gains.
Please consider moving the mobs away from trees, objects, steep terrain.

What information does NCSoft need to fix this?
Here are a few screens with locations that have this problem:

Trees interfere and mobs spawn on top






Edited by Anything
Added more images for more problem locations

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