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Skills that should change.

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Murkan    4

Good Night (Using Google Translate)

I got my Iss to check out what changes the class has undergone, but it's not my main class, but to understand Iss has a skill that makes it immune to debuff for 17 seconds, has 1 minute reuse but buff this reuse is even shorter, mine has no special jewels etc, yet, with full buff, she has reuse of 40 seconds, little, for a skill that lasts 17 seconds, is a short reuse. My main class is Sigel, and along with Iss is the low damage physical damage class. Previously, in order to fight Iss, Sigel had to prevent Iss from using the ability to make him immune to debuff, as everyone knows, has skills that only damage if debuff catches, if not catches, the ability doesn't. causes damage. So Sigel had to use aggression to pull Iss's target and prevent him from using the skill, but now, with time, Iss no longer has to take his own target. Just leave the activated ability to automatically and ready, Iss himself uses the ability and I ask, what is the weakness of Iss's abilities, because this Iss skill has 1 minute reuse which depending on jewels and etc., gets reused Less than 30 seconds, the skill that makes you target-removing stone has 1 minute reuse, and depending on the jewels you have, this reuse also drops to less than 30 seconds, has the ability to absorb damage. So how is a Sigel going to deal with a class that has so many skills that I find appealing, and with short reuse, as I said before, we could prevent Iss from using that skill on it, and now we can't, and NCsoft has been increasing. Iss's damage and his defense.

It's time for NCsoft to review all skills, because unlike the other classes, Sigel as I will always talk, will always be taking damage, I'm analyzing it in the Olympics, will always be taking damage, he has no damage absorption, he doesn't It has a skill that removes target and a debuff that prevents it from getting its target, has no ability to disappear, hide. It's a class that is easy to beat for an Iss today, not that Iss doesn't deserve to win, but it's bad. This new update has made Sigel worse. Debuff's Vanishing Stun skill of taking atack speed and casting speed of 20%, I think, and lasts for 3 seconds, I think too, and has a chance of silence, I had jewels of those bought in yellow COC and bought one that gave 40% atack and defense for silence, and another that gave 40% atack and defense for stun. To my surprise, however, the two jewels changed to Confusion, and the Vanishing Stun skill became a Strike that encompasses silence, and so on. Then I saw that my silence that was catching well before, doesn't catch at all. So being able to get a Boss jewel that increases my attack and defense to Strike by 40%, replace it with one of the yellow jewels, thinking that this would improve my chance to silence, that nothing fails again and more. In short, NCsoft is a company that does not have the ability to balance the game, it always screw the Sigel, always screwing this class, created weak, bad, bad skills that, by the way, are linked to others that use one, disables another, something that does not occur with the other classes. This company just wants to make money at all costs, so maybe that explains why, investing and improving only class calls of DDs, Feoh, Tyrr, Archers, Othell Rogue, Evicerator and etc are the most used classes. So NCsoft, since it's been increasing the defense of these class DDs, which today can do PVE without the need for a Sigel, end the simple Sigel class, it's more beautiful to you. I was on YouTube one day, and I saw videos of players from Chronos and Naia, and I thought, well, I'll see, and the video was from a fully equipped Healer, blue set and so on, he filmed his fights at the Olympics, my God , this healer fought against a Sigel Eva´s Templar, with the Dark set, glowing blue, and realizes that this Eva´s Templar, with tight weapon and etc, did not die, nor lost HP, but lost to Healer in damage count, and the funniest thing that Eva´s Templar's silence didn't get one in, and look we realize that the guy used the Vanishing Stun always, the stun didn't get any, the skill that creates water around didn't paralyze not once, that is, Sigel's debuffs are bad, and I doubt that extremely well-equipped Sigel doesn't have well-matched skills and top-ranking Boss jewels, remembering that I've already fought with very weak Healer and yet, with gems that increase the chance of silence, miss too much silence and stun in the Healers, this class has a resistance outside the co mum

Sometimes I'll watch the Olympics fights, I see Sigel extremely equipped losing in the tiebreaker for Iss, because it is a class that has extremely low reuse, and today there is no use using aggression to prevent the use of the ability to leave immune is frustrating. I think NCsoft modifies some skills for that class to support others with high damage, and I think Iss is an example of that, but then NCsoft gets it wrong, because it doesn't realize that it makes this class extremely superior to the class. with low damage, the Healer is an example, is a class that today has a damage skill that has no delay, which has an incredible resistance to get debuff, but has debuff that lasts more than 30 seconds, all last longer than that. So, I hope the upcoming updates to Ncsoft review all of these skills, review a lot, especially at the Olympics that have been favoring Feoh, Wizard Ertheia, Archers, Othell, Summoner and who would say the Iss, and harming Sigel and Tyrr, let alone Evicerator. . Short time, appealing skills of these classes mentioned, short times in the Olympics and etc. Yeah, I decided that as long as I keep going, and I'll just do the necessary fights and stop, and I think other players should do the same thing, protest about it, Tyrr and Sigel should no longer do Olympics until NCsoft releases a note or says Something about it. And for God's sake, review these Iss and Healer skills, they are equal support to the Sigel, so they can't be superior so they have to have skills with the same chance of winning. Why doesn't Ncsoft make Sigel 100% aggressive again? And yours reflects being what it was before? Because when Sigel was thinking absurdly, the DDs complained so much that NCsoft changed that, and now NCsoft, where Sigel is 100% harmed by you, what will they do? 

NOTE: In my humble opinion, as Sigel's debuff is short, they all last for 3 seconds, in my opinion they should be debuffs with a much better chance of catching, I understand that some will come and they will say: But, the reuse of Vanishing Stun is short, it's short, but, imagine, I use 20 times Vanishing Stun on a Feoh, Healer, mostly Healer and never catch silence, or just catch 1 time, isn't that nonsense? What about Sigel's stun? It fails absurdly, and when it picks up, it will soon disappear, because NCsoft with its holy intelligence (Irony) has decided that physical damage can be removed, but a Feoh who has gained the ability to stun a spell does not disappear, because he does not damage. physicists.


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