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Unusable Favor of the Exalted Lv.2, anyone else?

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7 hours ago, GhostintheShell said:

Is this a bug?

Why I can use Spellbook: Favor of the Exalted Lv.1,3 and even 4 but not the Lv. 2?  This is across all 7 of my toons - only Lv.2 is unusable claiming 

cannot be used due to unsuitable terms.

anyone else having this issue?


on that toon, you have lv2 learned. that why you cant use it, or you not have lv1

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5 hours ago, GhostintheShell said:

yes it was learned... it seem at one time NC was trying to reset Exalted...  so I'm stuck with that book because I already learned Lv.2 (meaning I got to thave Lv.1) and now I have learned Lv1. and Lv.2 and have extra Lv.2 book left over - this is CLEARLY a bug lol


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