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Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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Where does the problem come from?

Software, development, and what do network and server administrators do? forgive me for being so direct but the way in which all this is managed reveals an incompetence, I have the feeling that you are testing on the production server instead of the test server, or else it is very poorly done. I know that it is not the fact of the gms.

Please take into account the annoyance of the players

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8 hours ago, Juji said:

As a temporary measure, we will be adding a queue limit for the number of players connecting to the Live servers to reduce the latency delay. We are still waiting on the Dev team for the optimization fix.

This is not fair for people that have XP boost packs and will be unable to log, some compensation will be nice though....

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Well I have prestige pack in 3 chares of mine, rune of drop in the same 3 chares, since the server come back I took Disconect 8x, Let's start working to solve this no use asking for patience because this same problem is already 5 months, the minimum what you could do was pause the time for these items so that the players don't just get hurt, just 1 more account of a frustrated customer with so much dislike on your part. Translated By Google Translator

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17 hours ago, KissMyKnife said:

@Juji can you plz tell us what is the current hardware on naia, cpu ram hdd ssd everything you know, type it here plz

Lol, what do you really expect man.. Do you think they are running the server on a home pc with one ssd for the O/S and one hdd for the data... That's low even for a home pc, with modern standards..

I have no idea what exactly is their infrastructure but i can give you an idea of what modern high-performance systems look like..

Modern systems are fully virtualized, meaning they have a minimum of 10 virtual servers with 3-tier architecture running on each physical server.. Physical servers are using a minimum of 16 CPUs which are server only with very expensive licenses and they have a minimum of 4 physical servers just for redundancy, usually much more.. RAM is a minimum of 1 terra on each server.. Storage is of course on separate machines and probably NAS technology with full stacks of ASA disks is used (the new scsi)..

Needless to say this equipment is really expensive..

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NCSoft know who use bot software.They dont need to limit IPs or whatever to know whos botting. :) At least they patch every week and can put hidden commands in the client and server (and change them every week).

There the real question comes and You better ask yourself: why ncsoft dont ban some bots, but they do ban other bots ;)


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