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Can't complete Chamber of Prophecies sub-quest

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I can't complete this quest to finish Path of Fate:Overcome quest. 

After I've been teleported by Gareth to the instance - my character doesn't move, it's stuck. I can only move by using my offensive skills and attack mobs. 

Unfortunately, even though I can progress through the instance by killing mobs using range skills, I can't complete the last part because I can't move to the last objective to pick up the chalice. 

I've restarted to whole quest twice already, but that didn't help. 

Also, when I'm inside the instance I keep getting info: This skill cannot be used because the opponent is in a different instant zone. 


I just started the game yesterday and I can't play... After issues all evening yesterday, now I'm stuck and can't progress because I'm gated by this quest... 


I tried searching online for a resolution, but can't find any info on it. 



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I've tried some more and you can finish it by using "/target sacred" then attack, or "/targetnext2" then attack, and in last room, after you killed all, use "/target grail", then you get in the spot where you can target the npc's.

But keep in mind, you need to be in the center of the room everytime to be able to move to the next room, otherwise you'll get stuck behind a wall.

Good luck and hopefully they'll fix this bug fast


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While leveling 2 mentees after today's maintenance, I've noticed the bug is still there, and even got worse, since you'll get stuck in the 3rd room, right before the central square. 

But you can still finish it, by the same method I stated 2 posts ago. After talking to the grail, if you can't see the 2 npc's, use "/target mysterious" first and talk to him, then use "/target kain" and talk to him.

And I'm still hoping the bug will get fixed. For regular players, it's easy to overcome this issue. But new players, can't advance in the game after hitting 85. If you don't want/need income from new players, make the servers private for top contributors...

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Its just a shame.

The games obviously is in need of new players and then they have it shut down to a skeleton crew so you cant reach someone to let them know, the forums are ignored, and the reddit isnt read. I mean if you just dont care anymore shut the damn thing down.

I'd talked several friends into giving the game a shot and its been a week. Its already hard to talk people into trying an older game. However when its apparent to new players that if they ever have an issue it will take weeks to resolve its a pretty hard sell.

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