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Can't complete Chamber of Prophecies sub-quest

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After yesterday's disaster patch, I'm unable to finish last Awakened quest Path of Fate: Overcome. 

I'm stuck in the instance, unable to move inside. Resetting the quest doesn't work, redone the whole quest twice already. 


Any advice? I've logged a ticket and reported a bug... not the best start to my Lineage journey...

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I make the quest to two toons today, and yes @Juji must check the instance, seems like it stucks like hell. I finish it within 1h, by using only skills on quest mobs, since normal attacks doesnt work properly (that needs a lot of patience and time to waste).

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Yes super bugged, however you can complete it.

Turn auto hunt off, put Attack and Next Target on bar. Manually target mob by spam clicking it. then use attack on your bar to hit it.

Will be laggy and super buggy, but eventually can get through it.

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I started today play L2.

Had the same problem.

Last quest awakening when npc tp to insatnce is bugged cnt move, lags, i did it but it take so long time and had to just target one mob and use auto attck.

As Archer (range dps) was hard, wonderwing how mele char can do it ;O





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