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Memory utilization on Lineage2 clients goes up consistently over time, Memory Leak? Disconnect/Lag as cause?

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@Hime @Juji 

I am able to monitor multiple computer systems with open Windows resources monitoring specifically on "MEMORY" utilization pertaining to running Lineage 2 clients on the subject of disconnects, lag, etc.  Whenever I reboot a server, pc or a laptop - be it Windows 7 or Windows 10 OS, the 3 lineage2 clients per Windows see the memory usage continue to rise and rise over time.

Say for example, CTRL-ALT-DEL, fire up Memory monitoring - if the 3 clients initially uses 45% of the RAM.  After half a day or a day, the usage goes up slightly to 46% or 47%.  This small incremental increase continues to grow higher and higher the longer the client keeps running.  I suspect the ultimate cutoff point is 7 days because that's when you do your weekly server maintenance.

I need you guys to look into the "memory leak" issues where RAMs are being eaten up slowly over time.  For a long while, I didn't figure to look into the specific details but I had a hunch the more resources I throw at the Lineage2 clients, the more stable it seems to run.  

I only realize something specific - memory leak - that I discovered today that I want to point that out to you asap.

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it seems there is some kind of another memory on client side of the game.. this memory is filled up with screen notifications like dmg per hit, criticals etc.. When i minimize a client for many hours and then restore it again, it sometimes crashes because of the million of such messages on the screen..

maybe that's the problem that some ppl are disconnecting? that has nothing to do with network issues..

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Yes, it used to be common knowledge that the game was poorly coded and memory leaks were an issue. Usually this leads to a crash (critical error) after a long period of time because the client doesn't dump non-vital data when it should. This was actually a very prominent observation from technically-inclined players who did their own investigation.

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This is how it is and it existed since the game client itself..

Not sure if it's intended or not though, since as general rule, it's not okay, but Unreal engine 2(2.5) was never meant to be used like it is for the l2 client, where purging of assets in memory leads to lags ,client freezing up or compete crash. I guess they have chosen the least problematic solution, leaving it with the memory leak, that may or may not crash the client between maintenances.

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