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Protection used by farming bots.

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Syndra    24
Posted (edited)

Hello everyone and l2 staff, @Juji @Hime

I like to adress this new situation to prefend normal players from farming adena or xp at a few zones.

You can't leave your character afk or on macro.

In this example I adress Garden of Genesis but I have seen it in other area's in server Naia.

The botting company is placing perma red (karma) summoners on a higher area for example a platform.

We (the players) enter the area to do some killing / farm. Then an auto swarm of banshee's will autokill anything that enters the area.

We (the players) cannot kill the summoner since he is out of reach and cannot by reached at all.

This situation is becoming 'hot' in several area's, I like to adress it. ;)

*They even have a buffer on the platform so summoners come fully buffed and banshee's auto summon after death. O.o

Below are screenshots to show it:







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Kellian    10
1 hour ago, KissMyKnife said:

why so many cutted part, what the point to remove it? gog its 90-95 lvl,

I tried to google translate this post but unfortunately i wasn't able to do so. But apart from joking this area is relevent for people with low gear who want to farm adena/mats that's why bots are active there. It is massive problem that is getting out of hand I even saw a party of bots farming Giants Cave lower with shadow weapons. They are getting cocky as hell 

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