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New Player - where to focus?

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Hey everyone. 

I had played from prelude through c5/interlude on the old Lionna server. I came back a few days ago to see what was going on and saw that they've got a classic mode going. First of all, shoutout to any old Lionna people who are still around or came back! Would love to catch up. I've got some old fraps vids saved which I can upload to youtube if anyone wants them.

I've got a couple questions that I could use some help with. Primarily, what are the top classes in the endgame? I've heard mages but how about archers? 

- If you have a few characters, where are the best leveling zones where you can set up a team and afk hunt? Currently I've got a 39 Human rogue, but i can roll another character if you guys tell me archers suck.

- What is the political situation like? Who are the main clans/alliances?

- I left before all the extra gear/enhancements came into play. Is there anything I need to know/do in the early game to make sure I dont' screw my character up for the endgame?

Thanks in advance everyone! 

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Hey EKbackagain,

for leveing/autohunting archers are good and easy to level. You will need your own Buffpets, best way is to get WC, SWS, BD!

Dont pick a dagger, its harder to level...

Easy classes in classic are Mages, so if you wanna YOLO and PEWPEW a bit, pick a mage or elemental summoner!

You can pm me ingame, my nick is: Haji

I will give you more advices and can probably answer your questions.

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Welcome back, I too came from the original game and restarted recently.  I was on Sieghardt server back in the day.  Biggest change I've noticed, that can really benefit you leveling fast, is you can use any grade gear at any level and SS and BSpS are no longer grade specific.  All my guys picked up B grade armor and weapons at level 20.  Good luck


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