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Sigel Hell Knight

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Putting reduced p.def to skills enchant is a good idea for people who like to deal with better damage. The tank is a support class so in basic he cants hit hard. The special setup might let your life easier when you trying to solo high-level spots with him. So reduced p.def for skills makes you hit harder them each time he is under one or more of your debuffing attacks. Another thing is having a +12 PvE cutter or avenger for mobs. If you won't have good weapon, your skills won't make you strong. SA for HP and HP + maybe c.dmg if it is possible I'm not sure. Dye set 2x CON+5 CHA+1, and 1x STR+5 LUC+1 this one for better p.atk. Choose either PvP or PvE but if you want to farm and do it alone you need most PvE set for this. Equip yourself with Ruby and Tanzanite (the one with triggered defence barrier). In AP set as much for p.def and life as you can. Armor +10 full element and this setup is quite good for 100+ level. Almost forgot Valakas, Anthy, Tauti (haves also combo in criticals with Axe) and Trasken are good for beginners to fill put Blessed Zaken. At end-use high-grade jewelry. Longing/Insanity, good Abundance, Venir +16, 7s + faction talisman level 10. Combine between good def and try to reach for high p.atk and should get easier to farm solo with him. Some of these setup propositions are also for PvP or party PvE. At the I fill to add AP should be invested in one tree even if you feel to click on other ones. If you master only one tree you get very strong till level 110. These are my thots on SHK.

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