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There is some antisocial player who love to kill afk macro partys or pk them, that ok, if want enemy, sure go ahead, and then when he/she done his fun, go to sv or any near 105 exp spot tanor alligator island and other, and on near port spot theres a group mobs, and start kill it, and place his iss and healer in neutral zone, where no1 can kill it, and if he have problem, and dd"Feoh Yull" died, and can rez without problem, and continue exping.
My suggestion: remove all group monster in near neutral spots, for yull or feoh cant exp near neutral zone.

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Another thing they could do, is that when a flagged player comes close while you are using aoe skills, you would not flag back unless you have force attack enabled. Don't think that this would be any hard to implement and would save lower level macro players a lot of grief...

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