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Mobs STILL ARE spawning on top of obstructions.....

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After a ton of submitted support tickets regarding NPC monsters spawning/glitching on top of pillars, rocks, fences, etc. there is still no mention of, or attempt at fixing the issues.

Several people have provided a list of monster names and locations where this is commonly occurring, what more do you need?

It's been many months since this has been brought to the attention of support, and their only response is that they are 'forwarding the issue to the proper department.'

For a game that revolves around hunting monsters, you would think that fixing the glitched spawn locations would be a priority...


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The only NC that has any control over anything at all is NC Korea and they don't care about the servers that aren't Korean.

Even back in it's prime, Lineage 2 only got crappy hand-me-downs from the Korean servers and the US support had always had to just stick their fingers in the dam to plug the holes.

Wish it was different...if anyone other than NC was running Lineage 2 then it would've been a massive success in the West.

Did you know that the most advertising NC officially did in the West was a single promo dvd case insert sent to GameStop that wasn't even in the planogram?  I still have our store's copy of it.  Meanwhile, The Big Bang Theory had posters and shirts and TONS of stuff just in the background, usually in Walowitz's room, but, by that time, it was FAR too late for anyone to care even if they actually knew what the posters etc. were even of.

So sad because it's one of the largest missed opportunities in the history of gaming.

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