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SonsOfAnarchy Recruiting!!! :)


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Hello all!

At the moment we are recruiting Player/CP's around the level 104-105+

Min. requirements for Damage Dealers (DD):

1. Weapon R99 Bloody/Dark +10 and over.
2. Armor R99 +8 Bloody/Dark.
3. Longing/7Signs/Abu 1.
4. Decent RB jewels (Ex. Tauti Ring,Ring of Authority,Baium Soul ring,Queen Ant etc.)  if have B.Valakas,B.Antharas,Lindvior Earring even better!
5. English speaking<--- VERY IMPORTANT!
6. Any Kingdom cloak +7 at least! (Ferios,Elmore,Aden,Elmoreden cloaks) depending on wich dd class you are of course!.
7. Able to PvP and PvE! 
8. Using Discord actively
9. Noble circlet +5 at least (grace,foresight,authority) depending on class of course!
10 . Decent belt (Ex. Ekimus belt/Clan hall belt stage 1/2 or CoC Belt)
11.  Brooch jewels would be nice to have minimum lvl 3-4 (have advantage update will give free lvl 3 ones , still would be cool -->if can<-- make even lvl 4 brooch jewels! It's not a must!)
12. Brooch 4 Slot <---
13. Dragon shirt <---

Min. requirements for a support (Tank/Iss/Healer)

1. Weapon R with 3 sa +0  ( R99 Bloody/Dark even if + 0 would be even better for more cp,hp,mp)
2. Armor R99 +8 
3. Longing/7 Signs/Abu 1
4. Decent RB Jewel (Ex. Frintezza soul necklace,Antharas also normal is okay, Baium soul,Tauti ring , Blessed Zaken etc) if have even better jewels, better for all ;)
5. Speak English, Very important specially for CC events and sieges!
6. Ferios +7<----Important 
7. Also able to PvE and PvP (if not experienced in PvP, by time will learn)
8. Use Discord activetly
9. Noble circlet of grace +5<---Important
10. Ekimus/Clan hall stage 1/CoC Belt
11. Brooch jewels lvl 3 are fine enough, if diamond/pearl/obsidian/tanzanite are lvl 4, even better!
12. Dragon shirt

This are all requirements wich we would like to keep even in game, it still won't mean that if you miss 1 of these items you won't be accepted!

Contact me in game <--- Nuvolett4
Contact me on Discord<--- Armedui#2551

Good Luck and Have Fun  ;)

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