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Sayha's God jewelry ring physical skill crit dmg?

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Does Sayha's God jewelry ring has physical skill crit dmg or just normal physical crit dmg or both?  With magic it's so much easier since it's all skill based.  Thanks.

Sayha's Ring -Stage 1 146 MP + 53, CHA + 3, LUC + 3, Normal Attack/M. Skill Critical Damage +20 + 20%, Atk. Spd. + 6%, Casting Spd. + 6%, Damage Reflect Resistance + 30%, Resistances Against Fixed Damage Effects + 5%, Physical and Magic Atk. Skill Power + 5%, Movement Speed + 2, Physical/Mental Resistance + 10, Accuracy + 2, HP Recovery + 10%. Resistance to the following abnormal statuses: Stun/Knock Back/Knock Down + 20%, Hold/Pull + 12%, Seduction/Petrification + 10%, Poison + 40%, Aerial Yoke/Dismiss Party Member + 5%, Danger Zone Resistance + 10%.

damn it - nevermind, it says normal but on Chronos, our description is a lot more vague... just says "physical" doesn't say normal attack

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It's physical skill crit dmg too and normal one. Also m.crit dmg, which is more obvious though. These are the ultimate jewels l2 and the do include almost everything.

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